There are many reasons that buying into Disney Vacation Club made sense to our family. I love our purchase and wish we owned more points at more resorts. In the post I am going to share a little DVC love. Don’t worry, the flip side post on things that I don’t like about DVC is coming in a future post.


Reason #1 – Money savings.

You can easily save 40-70% on resort stays.

Here is an example from this past year:
I figure the purchase price and closing cost of our ownership (purchasing at Animal Kingdom Lodge ViIllas in 2009) to be $3.25 per point each year approximately when spread over the lifetime of the contract. If you add the annual dues for 2015 of $6.30 per point with the purchase cost then our 2015 price per point is $9.55.

We stayed 7-nights in a studio in May 2015 at Old Key West for 99 points for the week. Our resort stay cost was $945.55

The rack rates for Old Key West were $414 per night for a studio. Let’s be real. No one pays hotel rack rates. I am not 100% certain, but I think there was a 30% discount that could have been snagged for the week we traveled. When applying the 30% discount the room, it would have cost through Disney reservations about $2,028.60.

I saved 53% off what I would have paid booking through Disney.

Before all the people who start yelling about how you can save more money by staying offsite. I know you can. I actually have many friends that stay offsite for their Walt Disney World Vacations. That is just not my family. We want to be in the Disney bubble on vacation. It is a part of the vacation experience we treasure.

Reason #2 – Accommodations that are crazy nice!

I am all about the one bedroom and up accommodations. Don’t get me wrong, the studios are nice. However having a full kitchen, whirlpool tub, washer, and dryer in my room make vacations so much more enjoyable. The Disney Vacation Club Resorts are deluxe accommodations in every regard. The pools are wonderful, the dining is great, and the community centers are a fun stop on a lazy afternoon.

Reason #3 – Traveling with family.

This kind of fits in with reason #2. Since my family have been staying at DVC resorts, we have had extended family travel on several vacations with us. I love this since we live 500 miles from our nearest family members. We get to have memories together on vacation. I have stayed in a 2 bedroom villa on 2 different vacations. This was plenty of room to have the family connectedness around the dinner table, but enough space that we didn’t get on each others nerves so much.

Reason #4 – Helps vacation dollar budgeting.

Since I have my resort stay already built into my normal monthly budget, the vacation budget is for park tickets, dining, and airfare. This is super convenient for my family.


These are my top 4 reasons I love Disney Vacation Club. I need to hear yours now. Use the comments to share what you love about DVC!

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