Who am I and what am I doing here?  I am so glad you asked!  I am just your everyday run-of-the-mill Disney enthusiast.  Well, maybe not so run-of-the-mill.  My husband is a travel agent specializing in Disney.  I have a podcast talking about Disney.  Now I decided to start a website focusing on Disney Vacation Club (DVC).  This is normal, right?  I LOVE owning our DVC and wish we would have purchased sooner.  I want to share my love of DVC with you!  Please journey with me on this exciting road that is DVC Welcome Home.

How I ended up here with a Disney Vacation Club website is actually a long story.  Here is the CliffNotes version.  


I have been creating websites since 2006 when we started our adoption of our oldest son.  I had been blogging mostly about our family and the adoption process.  Having a website I think is kind of fun.  My other websites and blogs are all retired, but I still wanted to do something online.  I write over at TravelAgentDad.com and share our family’s trips and opinions of our vacations.  This led me to podcasting.  I love podcasts so much I decided to start the DIStracted Life Podcast to discuss trip planning tips in a trip report format.  As I was diving deeper into the Disney community I realized there was one aspect of Disney where I was pretty knowledgeable and love to talk about and that area was DVC!


We first went through the Disney Vacation Club tour while on vacation in 2001.  At this time we fell in love with DVC, but our budget wasn’t ready for such a luxury.  We didn’t even own our own home yet and thought we should buy our first home before before buying a timeshare.  I then spent the next 8 years researching DVC.  When I say researching, that is my polite way of saying OBSESSING!  Almost every night was spent on online forums learning all I could.  DVC opened an offsite sales center at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg IL.  This was driving distance from our home in Wisconsin.  We would travel down a couple of times per year, just to go to the DVC Sales Center.  On our family vacation in June 2009, we finally thought the time was right and we purchased our membership at Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas and couldn’t be happier.  I in no way think I am a DVC expert, but I do think that I can learn and research topics to share with you!  


I have very specific goals for this website.  I want to create the DVC resource website that I would want to use.  I am a type A planner for vacations.  My family  owns a small contract (100 points) and I am looking for ways to maximize my membership.  I want this website to have resort maps, restaurant menus, FAQs for each resort, YouTube videos of the resorts, and any other thing you may want to know when planning a vacation.


This is a ton of information to pull together.  Remember those are my goals  for the website.  I hopefully can get to the goals sooner rather than later, but I do ask for patience as I am pull together all this information.


I would love your help!  Use the contact form to let me know what information you look for when planning your DVC vacation.  I can make certain I add this to the website.




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