To book your resort stay, you can log onto or call (800) 800-9800 or (407) 566-3800 in the continental United States.

You can book your Home Resort at the 11 month mark from check in date and at a non-home resort at the 7 month mark from the check in date.

If you are booking at the 11 month mark, your initial reservation can only be for a maximum of 7 nights.  If you desire a stay longer than this, you will need to call member services each day to add the additional day until you get your desired nights.  This is only needed for hard to get reservations.  Grand Villas at any resort and Concierge Level at Animal Kingdom Villas are a couple of examples of hard to get reservations.

Room Sizes

Check out each individual resort for the specifics, but in general there are 4 room size categories.


Deluxe Studios – These rooms typically sleep four but at some resorts they can accommodate up to five.  They will have a queen size bed, and a sleeper sofa, with a small table and chairs for 2 people.  You, of course, have a television, DVD player, and dressers to store your clothes.   In the rooms that sleep five, you will find a murphy bed located under the television.

Along with a standard bathroom set-up you will find a kitchenette area that includes a microwave, mini-fridge, toaster, coffee maker, and sink area.  


One Bedroom Villas – These rooms sleep anywhere from four to five guests. Typically you will find a full kitchen and living room type space.  In the living room there will be a sleeper sofa, entertainment center with your TV and DVD player, a dining table with seating for 4-5 people.  In the units that sleep five, you will find a sleeper chair available.  The kitchen has a full size refrigerator and stove.  There is usually plenty of space to store groceries you may buy or have delivered.  In the main bedroom you will find a king bed, dresser, and the main bathroom.  The main bathroom is unique in that there are separated shower and whirlpool tub.  The one bedroom units also include a compact size washer and dryer.  Some of the one bedrooms have an additional standard bathroom off of the living room area.


Two Bedroom Villas – There are 2 types of two bedroom villas.

The most common is called a 2-bedroom lock off.  This room is created by the combination of a studio and a one bedroom with a connecting door.  Since this room has two entrances, your magic bands will work on either doors to the room.  At check in they tend to give you the room number for the one bedroom portion of the room.


A dedicated 2 bedroom is different from the lock off version in that the extra bedroom will have

two queen beds and will not have a kitchenette like a studio does.  There is a standard bathroom for use in the additional bedroom.
Grand Villas (3 Bedroom Villas) is more than just a room with 3 bedrooms.  Not only will you get everything mentioned in the previous room types, you will get additional space for your family to relax and enjoy time together.  There is a large dining room area with a table that will sit up to 8.  In the living room you will find an extra sofa and chairs.

These are in every room:

Balcony or patio for sitting outside.

Toiletries for the bathroom(s) that are replenished on Trash & Towel or full service cleaning days.


Vacuum Cleaner (or as I called it growing up a sweeper)

Coffee maker along with some coffee packets to brew

Coffee cups

Beverage glasses

Dish soap



Ice bucket


Can opener

If you are staying in a studio you will receive paper plates and plastic utensils.

If you are staying in a one-bedroom and larger you will have real dishes for the number of people the room can accommodate.  You will also find cookware in the kitchen.  I will work on adding a full list for the future, but just about anything you need to cook a meal is here. A cutting board, cookie sheets, casserole dishes, a pitcher, serving dishes are all included.  Also since these rooms have a dishwasher and washer and dryer; you will find one box of laundry soap and some packets of dishwasher soap.


You can also request these items from the front desk if you need them for no additional charge:

Bed Rails


Electric Mixer

High Chair (many rooms have one, but if you need additional you can ask)

These items you will need to pay extra for if you need more than was originally provided:

Laundry Soap – $1

Soap and Shampoo Package – $5

Extra Towel Package – $6 per bathroom

Coffee Supplies – $3

When staying at a DVC Resort on points, you will not receive daily housekeeping.

Depending on your length of stay you will receive either Trash & Towel service or a full cleaning.

Stays of 7 nights and less will receive Trash & Towel service on day 4 of your vacation.

Stays of 8 nights and longer will receive a full cleaning on day 4 and then Trash & Towel service on day 8.  This pattern will continue through the length of your stay.

If you would like additional cleaning, you can pay upon check in at the resort.  These prices are for each additional cleaning you would request.

Trash & Towel

Studio – $15.00

One Bedroom – $20.00

Two Bedroom – $25.00

Grand Villa – $35.00

Full Cleaning

Studio – $30.00

One Bedroom – $45.00

Two Bedroom – $60.00

Grand Villa – $75.00

One bedroom units and larger have a compact size washer and dryer located in the room.  If you are staying in a studio, there are laundry locations located around the resort (typically near the pool areas) for you to use free of charge.  You will have to provide your own laundry detergent when staying in a studio.


There is a website that I adore for knowing if a laundry room has available machines at Walt Disney World.  It is  This is a great tool to keep track of your laundry.


On a note, if you are staying at the Grand Californian in a studio and want to use laundry, you will need to stop by the front desk and pick up some coins for the laundry there.  They just need your room number and note it for their records.  My tip is request a couple more than what you think you may need, because the dryer didn’t seem to be very efficient (at least back a couple of years ago).

As a member staying on points, parking at your resort is free. Your parking at the theme parks is also included with your resort stay.

Resort Maps

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